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Indeed, they were as close as two heterosexual guys could come, without being seen as gay.This Preteen Panties was all to change and in a very dramatic way.Tazza and Kouta- as they are known in the sporting circles- often spent time around at Tazza?s house and in his pool- most times then not they would be found wearing only a pair of skimpy Speedos.One day- it was a really warm autumn day- after spending a few hours mucking around in the pool, in between doing laps, the relationship between the two became more ?intimate?Back in side, in the leaving room, both still only in Speedos they grabbed a can of VB and drank for a while in silence, before Preteen Panties Kouta got the courage to speak up on an issue he was dying to discuss with Tazza.Being a gay footballer player in any code in Australia is a taboo subject and indeed only one player in the three codes- AFL, NRL and union- has ever come out as gay, Ian Roberts and any which are gay, hide their sexuality. Kouta, being secretly gay, had heard a few names being chucked around saying that they were gay- mainly Tazza and Shane Crawford?s name kept popping up.With this in mind, he decided to take the plunge and ask away.?Hey Tazza- a lot of rumors are going around that you enjoy man on man action. Is it true?" Kouta asked, hoping that he would say yes.By this time, both had finished sipping at their beers and were sitting opposite each other- Kouta on the couch and Tazza on a seat.Rubbing his hands down the side of his body, reaching his red Speedos and seductively starting to remove them, Tazza says ?Yeah, so what if I do??Kouta, whose cock had already became hard in his black Speedos, couldn?t believe his eyes as Tazza- the man he had fantasized about while furiously wanking- was coming over to him, with his Speedos only barely covering his cock- then it came off revealing a 6? uncut cock.Moving on top of Kouta; Tazza pushes him down onto the couch and starts passionately kissing him, slowly pushing his tongue into Kouta?s mouth- where they spend the next few minutes passionately kissing each other.Making his way down, licking Koutas slightly hairy chest- pausing on his nipples and licking around them- until he gets to Koutas Speedos. Licking his bulge, Koutas cock gets harder and harder- almost begging for release from all the spent up energy.Pulling the Speedo down to reveal an 8? cut beauty, Tazza moaned in delight of seeing a new cock (he really was cock hungry!!) before taking the entire length of it into his mouth. As he sucks the cock, licks the base all over, he pulls the Speedos completely of Kouta.?Oh Chris, Tazza, oh yes!!? Kouta moaned overwhelmed by the sensation of the one person who he had ever wanted action with.Noticing that the head job he was giving- slowly going from the base to the tip of the head and back again- was giving his mate sensational sensations, Tazza decided to spice things up a bit, by inserting a finger up Kouta.?Oh fuck yes, do that Tazza!? Kouta moaned louder, amazed at this new sensation.A few minutes went by before Kouta begged ?Fuck me Chris!?Not needing a second invitation, Chris spat onto his palm and covered his cock and Koutas ass with his spit. Then, after a few minutes and without missing a beat, Tazza slid his 6? into Kouta, in one go!?Fuck yeah, Chris, that?s so amazing? Kouta moaned loudly, clearly indicating he was no stranger to this to Chris.Hearing Kouta moan, made Tazza get even hotter and before long, he was ramming his cock in and out of Kouta, going ever so fast and starting to moan out with pleasure- this was the best fuck he had ever given in his entire career- and he had fucked a few footy players.With the tip only staying at the entrance of Kouta for what seemed like an entire, Chris slammed it back in, loving the feelings of pleasure washing all over him and indeed; the ones coming out of Koutas mouth.?Oh Tazza, more, please more? Kouta begged, the sweat glistening off his forehead.This moaning from Kouta only encouraged Tazza to go harder and harder, so hard it seemed like they were going to fall off the couch. This didn't happen, but the two continued to moan out loud for what seemed an eternity before Chris could start to feel his orgasm coming on."Oh Anthony, I think I'm CUMMING!!!!!!!!!" Chris managed to moan loudly before shooting his load into Anthony, which caused him to shoot his load over both Tazza's and his chests.Coming down form his orgasm, Tazza started to lick the cum of Koutas chest and after a while, looked up."Fun, wasn't it?" He asked, raising an eyebrow.They both laughed. ***********Well guys, that was my first story, so what do you think? If you're an Aussie, you will know who these guys are. I'm planning to write more footy fiction, so let me know what you think of this at This story, if popular, will have a part 2. if u want a list of future story ideas email me. Thanks.
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